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Futsal Tourney

It is quite evident that majority of youngsters is adversely involved in unhealthy activities like playing videogames, watching movies etc. Realizing the aftermath of such activities, detrimental to physical and mental health of our teenagers, it is indeed dire need of the hour that their screen time is to be curtailed and they are to be got engaged in some healthy activities. Hence, some sports activities are offered to the adolescent boys of the school ––– a Futsal Tourney is scheduled every year during the summer camp for the students of class 5 to 10. However, for taking part in this sports activity, of course, students are required to seek permission from their parents. They join their teammates with the proviso that after going through the conditions mentioned, parents allow them to take part in the Futsal Tourney.

1. School Management Committee intends to bear all expenses of the tournament; therefore, students are not to pay any contribution for this event.
2. Playing team members are provided the following kit items by the school without any charges.
(i) Sport shirts/ strips (Tournament Kit)
(ii) Shin–pads
(iii) Gloves (for Goalkeepers)
3. However, they are required to arrange the following on their own:
(i) Bermuda / tracksuit trousers
(ii) Soccer socks/stockings
(iii) Sports/sprint/jogging shoes
4. It is made clear that the players are not allowed to wear shorts and soccer cleats/studs.
5. For the sake of company, players may come to school with their
(i) Classmates
(ii) Real elder/younger brothers who have been/are studying at Siddeeq Public School
6. It is to be noted that no other companion (cousins, street fellows) of the player is allowed to enter the school campus.
7. In this context, the parents are requested to observe the schedule (date/day and time) of the matches.

Summer Season-19