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National Science and Engineering Fair - 2018
Intel International Science Fair - 2019

Public and private educational institutions are invited every year to participate in the National Science and Engineering Fair and the best young researchers are nominated for Intel International Science & Engineering Fair. This contest aims to provide young scientists a platform to present their innovative thoughts and ideas.

The students can participate in these categories: Chemistry, Transitional Medical Science, and Physics: Energy, Engineering Mechanics, Systems Software and Embedded Systems.

Every year, the students from Siddeeq Public School, avail the opportunity to express their research skills at this platform. In this academic session six students participated in the said event and ALHAMDULILLAH they came up with flying colours in this prestigious event. The detail of these young researchers is delineated below:

Participant: B-5702 ... MIAN AFFAN ANWAR ... (10 Cyan)
Research Title: Microbial Participation in Electricity Generation through MFCs and Fermentation Technique
Awards: Gold Medal FIRST Position in Energy Category (at both Provincial & National Level), Selected for Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Phoenix, USA) 2019
Participants:G-7708 ... RAMEESHA KHURSHEED... (10 Aqua) d/o Mian Khursheed-Uz-Zaman
Research Title: Evaluation of Heavy Metal contents and Antimicrobial Activity of Smoke Water and its efficacy towards Ripening of Banana
Awards: Gold Medal, FIRST Position in Category, Selected for Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Phoenix, USA) 2019
Participants: G-7648 ... MARIA AWAIS ... (10 Green) d/o Mr. Awais Naseem
G-8315 ... NOOR KHALID ... (10 White) d/o Mr. Khalid Mehmood
Research Title: Screening of Traditional Medicinal Plants for Therapeutic Analysis
Awards: FIRST Position in Medicine Category, Shaukat Khanum Special Award (Best Project Award)

Participants: B-8337 ... MUSTAFA MANSOOR (10 Aqua) s/o Mr. Mansoor Ahmed
B-8501 ... ABDUL HANAN (10 Silver) s/o Mr. Asif Iqbal
Research Title: Integration of Triboelectric Nanogenerators and AC Generators for Flexible Energy Generation
Award: Best Project in the Energy Category