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S/Lt. ABDUL REHMAN (Siddeeqeen) comes off with flying colours in Pakistan Naval Academy as he receives 'Sword of Honour' in the commissioning parade.

The commissioning parade of 18-A course of Pakistan Navy (PN) was held at the Pakistan Naval Academy (PNA) on 27 June. 2020. The commissioning class included the cadets belonging to the branches of Operations. Marine Engineering. Weapon Engineering and Logistics. Amongst all those who graduated. the most prominent name was that of Abdul Rehman who received the highest award. The Sword of Honour' at the academy. Sword of honour is awarded to the trainee with an exceptional performance in the fields of academics. discipline and military training. Being the recipient of this award in one of the most competitive establishments of Pakistan is indeed a great achievement.

Literally. S/Lt Abdul Rehman (Siddeeqeen-Enrollment # B-6176) was a promising student of Siddeeq Public School. He matriculated from his alma mater in 2016, securing 94% marks and then. After getting through F.Sc. (Pre-Engineering) he was selected for Pakistan Navy.

Achieving this milestone wasn't an easy job but it all is due to his strenuous endeavours and prayers of his parents that enabled him to earn this laurel. It is just one waypost and many more to come in the future In shaa ALLAH.