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Best Presenter in ''2nd Belt and Road Camp''...Beijing – China

The 2nd “Belt and Road Camp” was held in Beijing – China from 15th to 21st of November 2018. The events were jointly organized by Youth Science Centre (CYSC), China Association of Science and Technology (CAST), Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) of the People’s Republic of China and supported by ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF), Inter Academy Partnership Science Education Programme (IAP SEP), Academy of Engineering and Technology of the Developing World (AETDEW) and Network of African Science Academies (NASAC).

This year, the theme of the event was; "Science Unites, Innovation Decides”. The camp was jointly opened by the leadership of CAST, MoST-China, ECOSF, AETDEW, UNICEF and NASAC. There were 219 students and officials from 29 countries including six ECO countries.

Belt and Road Forum on Science Education was held on 17 November 2018 during the Camp. The theme of the Forum was “Science Education for all” and purpose of the Forum was to share experiences, resources, promote mutual learning and fulfill the responsibilities. The educationists and policy makers from countries along the belt and road attended the Forum. A detailed report of the event is available on the official website ECOSF.

ALHAMDULILLAH! a promising Siddeeqeen Fatima Nasir (G-9395) d/o Mr. Muhammad Nasir was nominated for this forum after a screening test for representing Pakistan. This young scholar performed commendably well in this symposium and was awarded a "Gold Medal for Best Presentation". This emergent scholar was also awarded munificent scholarship by Siddeeq Public School.