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Being a non-profit educational organization driven with a missionary zeal and zest, the dedicated efforts being exerted in true spirit at Siddeeq Public School mostly result in synergy, eventually with the divine help of ALLAH Almighty.

ALHAMDULILLAH! The sustained competitive advantage of Siddeeq Public School lies in its optimal use of organizational, human and physical resources. Out of various strategies being used in the school right from the strategic sphere up to the operational level, the important ones are listed below:
Teacher Student Ratio
The most conspicuous and applauding feature of Siddeeq Public School is the teacher-student ratio, which is observed here as 1:12. It is quite reasonable and ideal ratio to focus on each student and impart quality education very aptly. A teacher normally teaches 3 periods a day and uses rest of the time to check written work of the students diligently. Maintaining this ratio has been possible only because of being a non-profit organization.
Subjects Combination
Siddeeq Public School being cognizant of the deficiencies observed in prevalent education system - number of subjects being unmanageable for quality learning - insightfully worked out for the required changes, and for effective learning introduced a unique system by offering three learning groups:

  • Elementary Level (Junior) ... Class:1,2 ... English, Mathematics, Urdu
  • Elementary Level (Senior) ... Class:3,4,5,6 ... English, Mathematics, Science, Urdu
  • Secondary Level (Junior) ... Class:7,8 ... English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Urdu

The spirit behind the purpose to begin with the three-subject system is to progressively enhance the language skills (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking) of the students, so that they could be able to express themselves confidently on their own. The core objective - language teaching but not the text teaching - is attained by practising purposeful instructional strategies. Having a basic mastery of language skills, the students then proceed with an ease to four subject system for further comprehension of the concept based learning of Science and Mathematics. The outcome of the cited scheme over the years in itself stamps the excellence of the overall system.
Evaluation Processes
In order to get a valid and reliable assessment of students learning, Siddeeq Public School has worked out an innovative methodology for its appraisal that engages their higher order thinking and analytical skills for a true evaluation of targeted learning objectives. Periodic assessments are taken on weekly basis during each of the two semesters and on completion of each semester a comprehensive exam is conducted. The answer scripts, marked with annotations, are returned to the students and this ongoing feedback helps them to identify their academic progress and improve the learning strategies accordingly. The weekly tests not only diagnose the student's academic shortcomings, but also help verily to make them studious and cultivate a habit to work regularly.